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Owner/Coach Mary Welton

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Coach Elham Watson 

Coach El!

I am Coach El and am so thrilled to be partnering with Coach Tiff to bring Kaia to all of you wonderful women.  It’s really so hard to accurately express my feelings about Kaia .  I could write about the amazing bond that we all share and the beauty of the support that we have within those walls…or about how much stronger I’ve become since becoming a part of this family  in May 2011 when I walked into Kaia Fit Sacramento not having any idea how much this program would change my life.  To put it in one sentence, I’d say being a part of Kaia has been one of the best, most fulfilling experiences of my entire life.  The women I have met have inspired me to push myself, step outside of my comfort zone, loved me and encouraged me- simply by being some of the most courageous people I’ve ever met, able to power through whatever life hands them.  We’ve created this beautiful little community where you are free to be yourself and the love is just abounding.

At Kaia we talk about being present, living intentionally…not letting our fears and our comforts drive us.   It’s empowering and life-changing and I am so excited to be on this journey with you.

Coach Tiffany Filbert 

Coach Tiff

Hi!!! I am Coach Tiff and I am so excited to be opening and representing Kaia FIT in Walnut Creek! I am a Kaia Girl down to my core! What we do works – plain and simple. There is no secret to living a healthy and fit lifestyle! Eat right and exercise on a regular basis. I love Kaia because we provide a fun, challenging, motivating, supportive environment where women from all different backgrounds and abilities come together and BUST THEIR BOOTIES!! We sweat together, we laugh, we push and we celebrate in achievements of our Kaia Sisters. Every workout is different – you never know what to expect when you walk through the door. The only thing  you can count on is that by the end of the hour you will have just pushed yourself to limits you didn’t know existed.

Coach Liana Lopez










I began my Kaia journey when the Walnut Creek location launched in April 2013. I was hooked after attending my first demo day with Coach Tiffany & Coach El. Since then, I have seen positive changes within myself physically as well as mentally. Kaia has pushed me to limits that I could not reach on my own and I can truly say that Kaia has changed my life! As a busy mother, I have found time for me again and it feels AMAZING! I contribute each woman’s success to the encouragement & inspiration from our Kaia community. There’s an overwhelming feeling of camaraderie & energy that leaves you with a sense of empowerment after every class. As a Kaia girl & now coach, it has been a rewarding experience to watch women stay committed, achieve their goals and transform their lives. I look forward to being a part of this commitment to yourself as you begin your journey with Kaia FIT!

Coach Dara Karnofsky

Coach Dara!

Coach Dara!











Greetings! I’m Coach Dara and I’m thrilled to be apart of the Kaia Krew in Walnut Creek. A lifelong soccer player and recent CrossFit junkie, I’ve always been a sucker for a grueling workout. A close friend introduced Kaia to me in the fall of 2013 and after my first class I was hooked.  I just can’t get enough of this all-women’s program that offers highly intense, functional movement in kick-a** workout every single day. I love being pushed to my limits and challenging my body with constantly varying exercises. One of the things I love most that makes Kaia so special is its integration of physical activity, nutrition coaching, goal setting and personal achievement. Kaia is truly a community of women who sweat, laugh, cheer, strive and accomplish as a unit. If you are dedicated, you will reach your goals and surpass your expectations beyond your imagination. Together, we will yield amazing results. I can’t wait to sweat with you!!!

Coach Monie Prieto











Hola mujeres!  I am Coach Monie and I am absolutely ecstatic to have a role in the Walnut Creek Kaia. I consider myself to be a lifetime athlete, from Kindergarten AYSO soccer to the present 11 years of competitive women’s rugby. I have had the privilege of being trained by some amazing coaches over the last decade and I can honestly say nothing has been comparable to the training provided in Kaia.  Kaia takes a holistic approach to leading a healthy lifestyle, incorporating functional training that spans a variety of exercise styles, a nutritional guide to set the foundation for true clean eating, and, the most importantly, strong minds to close out the full circle of healthy living. Kaia is unique, being founded by WOMEN, coached by WOMEN, and created for the sole success of WOMEN. Being one of five daughters, I know the value in lifting women up and promoting our* success. The community of Kaia women is a source of strength and motivation unlike anything I have ever been a part of.  Give yourself the gift of Kaia, and come sweat it out with me!

Coach Rachel Coyle

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